Symphonic Repertoire Guide for Timpani & Percussion


By Raynor Carroll

(BT-2000,  484 pages) $54.95

An invaluable reference guide that details the requirements and assignments of timpani and percussion in more than 3,000 works from the symphonic literature.
Catalogs the symphonic repertoire by composer including:
  • Composers’ dates
  • List of compositions
  • Date of each composition
  • Duration of each composition
  • Specifies if the composition includes timpani and the number of timpanists required
  • Specifies if the composition includes percussion and the number of players required
  • Details the assignments of each player specifying which instruments are required
  • Details when instruments can be shared
  • Details the extended ranges of instruments required
  • Specifies exact pitches required for tuned gongs, tuned cow bells, church bells, etc.
  • Alternate assignments are given in instances if more players are available
  • Translations are given for unusual instruments as well as suggested replacements
Also includes a glossary of percussion instruments from the repertoire section of the book. Each entry is given a brief definition/translation along with a representative composition in which the instrument is used.
The most comprehensive and detailed reference guide available for the timpanist, percussionist, conductor, librarian, artistic administrator, personnel manager, stage manager, orchestra manager, etc.