Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani

• Each volume includes audition repertoire and works that are most frequently performed by symphony orchestras.
• Each work is presented in its entirety, not just as an excerpt.
• All metronome markings, which were omitted from the published parts, have been taken from the score and included in each part.
• Foreign language indications have been translated.
• Additional cues and instrument entrances have been included.

Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani
(BT-1500, 160 pages)

• Contains more than 500 exercises, 100 etudes and 17 solos for two, three and four drums.
• Chapters include: Tuning, The Legato Stroke, The Staccato Stroke, Sticking Patterns, Rolls, Muffling, Pedaling, Three Drums, and Four Drums.
• Each chapter contains a brief explanation, exercises, etudes and representative orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire.
• The final section of the book includes 4 solos for two drums, 6 solos for three drums and 7 solos for four drums. All of these solos are also available separately; please see "Timpani Solos" for more information.

“This outstanding textbook for timpani is uniquely and creatively well organized. This is truly one of the more creative texts written for the timpani."
Percussive Notes

"[Mr. Carroll's] timpani method book is excellent! It offers everything that a student needs and more! It is well paced, brilliant in scope and should join other successful and popular methods on the market, plus setting a new standard. BRAVO!"
Cloyd Duff, Retired Timpanist - Cleveland Orchestra

 "Beginning and future timpanists will find this book a pleasure from which to study and gain a particular satisfaction in knowing all there is to know about the kettledrums."
Eugene Espino, Principal Timpanist - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

"I compliment [Mr. Carroll] on the inclusion of materials that are much needed for the common-sense player. I recommend that this book be included as a method for all serious timpani students."
Fred D. Hinger, Retired Timpanist - Philadelphia Orchestra, N.Y. Metropolitan Opera

 "This book is innovative and comprehensive. The etudes and solos are excellent. A very welcome addition to the literature."
Tele Lesbines, Retired Timpanist - Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

 "This is a welcome addition to timpani pedagogy. The three and four drum exercises are especially useful."
Don Liuzzi, Principal Timpanist - Philadelphia Orchestra

 "Congratulations on an excellent timpani book. It is clear and precise on content, layout and intent. A welcome addition to the standard timpani methods. How nice to have a timpani method that not only talks about the technique, but also about music and music making. Bravo."
Salvatore Rabbio, Principal Timpanist - Detroit Symphony Orchestra

"This book does a terrific job in helping the student to build basic timpani techniques. It lays out the basics in a logical and musical fashion yet still allows individuality of playing style to be taken into consideration. The exercises and etudes should assist any student in developing the techniques needed for better timpani performance."
Mark Yancich, Principal Timpanist - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra